The Business of Training

The foundation of a solid business is good information. How do you structure pricing? How can you stop being the product and learn how to make money without doing all of the work? How do you market and build a personal brand? How can you stand out from the other training businesses in your market? How do you raise money to get your project launched?

These are questions you need to answer before you can make real money doing what you love. If you are currently operating a training business or dream of opening one in the future you need to watch this DVD.

If you're serious about making the training business your life's work, studying this will be the most important continuing education you'll do all year.

DVD Duration: 2:30 hours
2 discs includes -
Live workshop recording
PDF of the lecture transcript
Workshop Presentation Slides
Thom Plummer Book Excerpt
MP3 Audio File of the Full Lecture

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The Business of Training

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