Making the First Hour Count

You would think that after more than 60 years of sales training in this industry that we would be good at converting potential leads into new members, but the reality is that we are probably getting worse as time goes on.

The reversal of skills comes because how we sell and because the potential member’s sophistication and expectations have changed over the last decade. In the olden days of the fitness industry, we lived and died in this business by the pressure sale. Get a lead in the door, drop-close aggressively, and move on to the next lead.

The industry as a whole is in a transitional period right now that is quickly forcing many owners to adjust their practices to more ethical and more effective methods.

This 13 Page Guide will outline for you 9 things you should be doing in your fitness business to make the first hour of selling and working with an Assessor as effective and successful as possible.



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Making the First Hour Count

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