Life in 3's

"Goal setting is about becoming an artist. Your life is a chance to create a beautiful painting as you envision it. The canvas is blank and represents your life and you can create any masterpiece, done in your own style and by your own hand, that you want.

Never let anyone else paint on your canvas. Never let anyone else dictate your style. If you need help figuring out who you are or where you are going, seek a mentor that might help you achieve your personal style of painting, but ultimately, when your life is through, the painting will be your gift to others and it always must remain true to yourself." – Thomas Plummer

The Life in 3's Goal Setting Workbook will help you set with the Art of Setting Goals. This workbook follows what Thom has taught on his blog, in workshops and on FACEBOOK.

This 40 page workbook should take you about 2 hours to complete.

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Life in 3's

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