Jump into Fitness Business to Business Membership Drive

Did you know that research has shown that employees who are obese and lack physical activity are more likely to miss work and are less effective than healthly employees who are currently working out?

Finding ways to get local businesses involved in your fitness business is one of the most common questions we receive here at the NFBA. Fitness professionals are always looking for ways to get corporate and local businesses to their door.

This is a creative approach to fitness. Using a Jump Rope as the theme for the kits we provide to the employees and employers will help your business stick out

This promotion only works if you use all of the suggested props that support the sale. This includes additional purchases you will need to make for: actual jump ropes, small gift bags and cards you will need to get designed. The NFBA provides you all the information on where you can purchase these items for a good deal.

What's Included with this Purchase:

How to Guide: Jump into Fitness

Call Scripts

Letter to Owner and Manager

Business Contact Forms

Sample Jump into Fitness Employee and Employer Cards

Monthly Business Sheets

The best thing about this promotion is you can do it every month, every year. As long as you stay active in your community with other businesses this promotion will work for YOU!



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Jump into Fitness Business to Business Membership Drive

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