Holiday Gift Wrapping for Charity includes BONUS: Cookie Swap

The holidays are a busy time. Between shopping, parties, wrapping, spending time with family and a million other things, finding the time for fitness can be low on the totem poll. So why not allow your members to check off a few things on their to-do-list at YOUR facility, while they get a great workout?

This is a win-win scenario for you and your members. Dedicate a few days and hours leading up to the Christmas Holiday in which Elves (your staff) will be available to wrap your members Christmas presents for them while they work out!!

The catch is they also need to bring in a new – unwrapped – gift that you will donate to a local charity of your choice!! 



Although to some this may sound silly for a “Fitness Facility”, there is no way to avoid those yummy Holiday Treats. Use this to your advantage and host a COOKIE SWAP at your facility. Invite members to bring in their famous treats for people to share as well as the recipe.  Each participant will be able to take a sample package of the cookies home.



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Holiday Gift Wrapping for Charity includes BONUS: Cookie Swap

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