Handling Bad Members: You have to Get Rid of the Idiots

One of the lessons learned by many fitness professionals too late into their careers is that sometimes you need to fire a few of your members.

Anytime you have hundreds of people all using the same fitness facility the chances are very high that you will get your token fools, idiots, the socially incompetent and just plain mean people who should never be allowed to take part in large social gatherings.

Working out is an intimate activity, even in the largest facility, which seems to amplify the social issues some members carry with them in their lives. Members are casually dressed, everything is somewhat informal, and that seems to give certain people permission to do and say stupid things.

These people are the ones who can lower the perception of customer service in your business, as well as your retention rate. People don’t like to hang out with people who are loud, rude, or mean. The good members will leave the club if you as the owner or manager don’t deal with the situation.

Learn how to overcome these members!




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Handling Bad Members: You have to Get Rid of the Idiots

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