Coffee Talk Specialty Program

Why are Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Tops continuing to pour both men and woman to their programs… they don’t have a gym… But what they do have is support and a lot of it, the ability to surround themselves with their peers. There is a laundry list of other reasons why support groups are beneficial especially when it comes to weight loss. The top things that come to mind: Accountability, Therapeutic, Social, and the list goes on.

So since those that come to your facility on a regular basis are already a group of peers with a similar goal = better health and wellness; why not offer your own group that meets to add extra value to your members experience, increase their chances for success and results, provide a social aspect to their life in a healthy environment and provide a service that signifies you as an overall RESULTS DRIVEN facility. Plus who doesn’t want to hit the gym in a laid back setting where you get together and talk about health, fitness and wellness… and won’t even break a sweat.



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Coffee Talk Specialty Program

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