Amnesty Night Promotion

This promotion can offer you two options for getting new and former members into your facility.

The first option is that you are raising the cost of membership and are offering past members a chance to get back into the facility before the prices change.

The second option is a month long promotion to get old leads and past members back into the facility.

Both options build up to a big party you'll have at the end of the month.

The key to the promotion is that a lot of past members and leads want to come back to your facility. The goal is to remove what ever hurdle they may have about coming back!

This promotion, when done correctly, will generate a months worth of memberships in one evening.

This Promotion includes:
Amnesty Promotion Guide
Existing Member Letter
Missed Prospect Letter
Former Member Letter
Phone Script for Staff
Party Task List
Staff Meeting Procedures
Employee Contract

The cost of the Promotion is the fraction of one membership! And if you run it correctly you could gain a months worth of memberships in one night!


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Amnesty Night Promotion

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